REVIEW: A new restaurant popped up downtown a few months ago... I pass by it on the way home almost everyday... I finally got a chance to stop by!

I'm starting off with DESSERT: AMAZING! Per a suggestion from a fellow foodie I ordered the fresh fruit... not only is the fruit cut fresh to order but it is accompanied by a ricotta cheese mixture seasoned with cinnamon and to top the dessert off they drizzle the dish with honey and sprinkle it with pine nuts... OMG!

MENU: The menu isn't that extensive and includes fresh made pizza choices as well as a couple of pasta and signature salads. My choice was a Chicken and Penne pasta sauteed in a fresh tomato based sauce.... one word YUM! The pastas consistency was perfect.. not too chewy ... and not too soft!
AMBIANCE: The restaurant is nestled in between a few other businesses and while a little on the small side host some amazingly witty pieces of art. There are several tables littering the sidewalk in front of the restaurant as well. One of the main attractions has to be the vintage brass capuchino machine. (I'll snap a pic next time)

VERDICT: It's a cool spot something different... Italian with a modern twist... not so weighed down and heavy... They are going to start serving gelato soon... you know I'm all over that!

* They recently changed the name from ZAZA to Trattoria Centrale ... I'm going to still call it ZAZA's lol!

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