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PAINT IT: McQueen Scuba Python Clutch

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I picked up this Kermit Clein poster for probably around ten bucks at a poster sale in college. He is around eleven years old and unfortunately he showed it! I couldn’t get rid of him though and I felt like he had been folded up (yeah I know) for far too long! So I set out on one of many DIY projects I plan to share with you guys! 
STEP 1. Select frames to fit your poster. Play around with sizing and directions until you fill you have the perfect configuration. 

I was intrigued and inspired by many DIY photo walls and collages that played with sizes shapes and colors of groupings of frames and I thought why can’t I do the same with Kermit!

I headed to Hobby Lobby on a frame sale week and took a look around. Of course the newbie DIYer that I am I did not have my poster in hand and I grabbed one that looked similar in size to base my frame needs off of (nope I didn’t get all technical and divide and subtract which is probably the correct way to do this project). I grabbed some frames and played around with them until I felt like I had the best fit…
STEP 2.Prep your poster. If your poster is as loved as mine then you may need to take some time taping up tears and patching up holes. I used regular clear magic tape. I toyed with the idea of trying to iron out the poster but decided against it and I believe over time the hanging of the paper with loosen up some of the wrinkles.
STEP 3: My frames for this project are The Archives Quick Frame from Hobby Lobby. They have a hard paper backing. I placed the backs on the poster in the configuration that I decide upon and once they were all in place I traced around each one carefully with a pencil.

With the awkward sizes of readily available framing I quickly found nothing would be perfect and I came to terms with being ok with losing a little bit of the poster to the cutting room floor!

STEP 4: After I traced out my frame backs I cut out the pieces.

STEP 5: Frame each piece of the poster in it’s respective frame

Step 6: Hang for the finished product! So my first go round I decided to use removable hooks… not a good idea for a bathroom/next to a shower with steam  etc… location. The first night I lost one frame and out of fear I took down the others.I decided to go the tried and true route of hammer and nail!


THE RESTAURANT: I had passed by the Homewood location of this restaurant several times and I even checked out reviews of other bloggers! It has been on my list of "must try" for quite a while now and just by luck some friends and I ended up here for a pre-bowling meal! (Summit Location)
 THE MENU: I ordered the Chipotle Braised Pork and the meat was cooked to perfection!The Pork was accompanied by Hot Cheddar Pasta and Marinated Slaw.The penne pasta styled mac and cheese (hot cheddar pasta) was tasty but I don’t have much to say about the slaw as it did taste quite fresh but was not one of my favorite recipes. I also have to give the “bbq sauce” a less than stellar review… it lacked taste and did nothing for the well seasoned pork. The food was super light and though I felt full I didn’t have that awful "heavy feeling" after a big meal! I also can’t leave out the delicious strawberry lemonade! Homemade and one word ...YUM!

 THE SERVICE & AMBIANCE: We had no idea what we wanted and as we stared up at the menu board, it was the friendly cashier that asked us if we needed some help and provided us with some great insight on what to try out! She told me about their use of the "big green egg" when I asked about the pork and I was sold!After placing our orders our food was promptly delivered to us! The restaurant showcased a clean and non fussy design and was quite charming, a real reflection of the food.

THE VERDICT: Great service and an interesting concept on fresh and tasty cuisine. I will definitely be visiting again in the near future!
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 Yes! Yes! Yes! IKR! After lusting and hunting (WISH LIST)
 and wanting I finally got my frog belt buckle!
It's a Doreen Ryan and I got it on ebay for a steal (under 20 bucks)! I took it into the shoe repair store next to my building and they put it on a belt for me for less than 10 bucks! I've gotten nothing but compliments on it... even from the people who thought I was crazy for wanting it in the first place lol! Now on to my next lust need... a Cartier Love Ring!


Wondering what I've been up to this past month? Hmmm... well I haven't been totally lazy! One of my new obsessions is DIY/Home Design blogs... I'll share some of my favorites with you soon as they are super inspirational! So...I decided to get back on task in turning my condo into a 'home" that reflects my personality! I started with the room I "thought" would be the easiest to transform and require the least amount of help!
My Room of Rest! It started out as this super blank canvas...
 and then I got a little stripe happy!
I LOVE my Magenta door! 
It's still a work in progress and I can't wait to finish up the painting so I can style and stage! Stay tuned for the final product!
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