THE REVIEW: I've visited the Hoover location of Michael's three times prior to this review and my very first experience was absolutely amazing. A business meeting, in which we were showered with an assortment of tasty appetizers! That is when I fell in love with the MICHAEL'S STYLE BUFFALO WING'S...


THE SERVICE: It's quite ironic that on two of my four visits I received the same attentive waiter. Service was a bit slow on this (my first dinner) visit as a large party was being serviced at the time. The waiter kept us abreast of the timeline and refilled our beverages etc. accordingly. MICHAEL'S STYLE BUFFALO WINGS : ATTEMPT #1

THE AMBIANCE: An amazing live duo took the stage and they really were "that good". Dim lights and live music made for a dinner club type of feel! The well designed restaurant also offers several seating choices. Interestingly enough between my four visits I've never experienced the restaurant filled with customers...


THE MENU: Really does have something for everyone. My second visit yielded my trial of the lunch special Meat and two Vegetables. I chose the Greek Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Fresh Collards. I'm not sure what magical seasoning combination is used for the Chicken but it has me hooked! The Greens and Mac and Cheese were pretty standard and were lacking the "wow" factor that the chicken more than made up for!
THE REVIEW: While I definitely enjoyed the live band... I now have a love hate relationship with the MICHAEL'S Style Buffalo Wings. Not good ....since they were the only reason for my last couple of visits to Michael's... and unfortunately they just haven't measured up these past two visits to my first two! I ordered the wings to go and got wings similar to ATTEMPT #1 from my last visit.... dry, hard and salty! With the luxury of actually being in the restaurant this visit I sent them back and received ATTEMPT #2... the picture showcases the obvious difference! While they were still tasty they just didn't pack the punch of my first two experiences where they were super juicy and succulent and nowhere near as salty!
THE VERDICT: Though I've experienced some inconsistencies I do plan on visiting Michael's again to give those wings one last try...besides I think I have a new love affair with their delicious CREME CHEESE POUND CAKE ! Yum! I just wish they would upgrade the ice cream to a vanilla bean gelato. All in all Michael's Steak and Seafood with it's well rounded menu and good service is a nice establishment to add to your list of dinner spots!

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