THE REVIEW: Gigi's Cupcakes

THE REVIEW: If you've read any of my other reviews then you know I always include DESSERT! I have a sweet tooth that's pretty hard to satisfy I usually lean towards gelato or cheesecake for my fix at restaurants but I'm friend to quite a few bakeries as well!FIRST IMPRESSIONS: A friend of mine gave me rave reviews about the new "Cupcake Place" in my second home of Tuscaloosa, AL. While I am way over the whole cupcake phenom that has yet to really take over my small city... she definitely had me interested! These cupcakes made the ride from T'town to Birmingham and although stirred a bit, fared pretty well under my friends driving which I have to credit to the cute and efficient packing!

THE VERDICT: YUM & SUPER SWEET! An amazing assortment I was definitely impressed upon first look and taste! Not to mention they have super cute names like Birthday Surprise, Wedding Cake, Champagne,Hot Fudge Sundae and Summer Fun. I found the cake to be moist and full of flavor while the icing was SUPER DUPER SWEET! Priced at around 3bucks a piece my first taste of Gigi's was a pretty sweet indulgence!

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M said...

neeeed a Cupcake Place in toronto asap!
they look freaking delicious!

outsidesinside said...

THEY ARE AMAZING! I finally got to go to the shop myself and it's super cute! Updated pic's coming soon!

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