1/2 Chicken Sandwich and 1/2 Chicken Potato 
THE REVIEW: McAlister's Deli use to be a classic go to spot. Over the years I've seen many changes to the menu and I would have to say I'm missing vintage McAlister's.
Chicken Sandwich on Croissant
THE SERVICE &AMBIANCE: Same nostalgic decor and step up sit down service. The staff was friendly and efficient nothing to write into corporate about.
Sweet Tea
THE MENU: A far cry from the old menu...beyond them still offering sandwiches, spuds and soup. My biggest complaint has to be the bread choices... BRING BACK THE ONION BUN! While I did enjoy the ability to get half a sandwich and half a spud (regular sized potato) for around 9 bucks... I was not impressed with the quality of either. The potato was haphazardly topped and I had to get up and ask for sour cream. The mozzarella cheese was a congealed glop sitting on top of the potato.  The presentation of the plate left much to be desired and I had to pass my fork across my napkin  a couple of times (mentally I was kicking myself for not getting my order "to go") What else can I say... the Sweet Tea is still delicious!

SIDE NOTE: ZEN YOGURT next door ROCKED... and I just realized GUTHRIE'S has WINGS on their menu! REVIEW COMING SOON!

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