THE REVIEW: I like combinations of certain foods... just not in there authentic nature... so you could say I am a big fan of Tex - Mex and there are two places I go when I need a fix LaCocina and Qdoba's unfortunately the LaCocina cart is no longer on the corner and to my dismay last night I discovered that most of the Qdoba's in the area are no longer in business but I found one! YAY! While I was extremely excited about my find...
Well it was pretty darn fast... because the restaurant was empty... it was pretty disheartening... but the server was polite and answered all of my questions about the company and listened to all of my nostalgic college stories of eating at my beloved qdobas!


THE MENU: Looked about the same Burritos, Tacos, Taco Salad, Fajitas etc... I found my classics and kept it simple.

THE AMBIANCE: You could probably eat off of the floor... seeing as though they have no customers :( the place was super clean!

THE VERDICT: While I enjoyed the flavor of the open flamed grilled chicken and I appreciate the hint of fresh cilantro in the rice... it just wasn't the same robust flavor that I remember back in college... The queso was just right on the spice but the chips were a mixture of fresh and stale. They still had that special hint of lime and proportionate dash of salt... maybe it was the mix of emotion that one of my favorite restaurants is in despair but I was mildly disappointed.

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